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Comments from the fans.

Below are comments made by some of the signatories of the petition for a rematch.

Tony Penecale Jr - Philadelphia, PA

It was an excellent fight. I had the pleasure to doing commentary on the fight while doing my weekly radio show. It was an example of what boxing should be. A good, hard fight between two high-caliber athletes. It was clean and entertaining fight. The fans deserve a rematch. A fight like that is good for boxing.

Karim A. Glover - Durham N.C. U.S.A.

With all the politics surrounding some boxing matches....This was great! just like the old days just good old Boxing/Fighting. And even thought I served in the NAVY with Steve and the best man won on 12/11/2008. I think a rematch would only serve as confirmation of who is the best. I want to see a K.O. No questions asked of who the best fighter is for you or against you. Be Safe, Box Hard, Have Fun.


Great Fight!

Job well do for both Steve 'USS' Cunningham, from Philadelphia, PA and Tomasz 'Goral' Adamek, originally from Poland now residing in Jersey City, NJ.

Rob Roberts - Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

Amazing fight, so obvious there needs to be a rematch!

Brandon W - Reading, PA

Team Cunningham!

Louis S. Vine III - Chicago, Il. USA

Even if it isn't immediate, Cunningham deserves a shot to reclaim his title. I personally believe Adamek and his handlers will give him a rematch, they fought Briggs twice.

Brian A. Settles - Flagstaff, AZ. USA

Such a terrific fight between the two top cruiserweights in the world deserves a sequel!

Filip Komorowski - Dzierzgon, Poland

Adamek won the first battle and he'll win the second. :P

Ken Hissner - Collegeville USA

I covered this fight for Doghouse Boxing and had Cunningham ahead 114-111. Adamek loaded up the entire fight and forgot his jab and combinations. It takes more than 3 punches winning 3 rounds due to knockdowns that he was losing up until the knockdown to win a fight when you have lost the other 9 rounds. Adamek and promoter Kathy Duva were mum after the fight when the word "rematch" was mentioned by one of the reporters. If that doesn't tell you something what does? Cunningham wins the title in Poland to the champ and comes to the USA to get shortchanged by another fighter from Poland. Go figure. Especially when his promoter Don King does not complain!

Pawel Janczura - Legnica, Poland

Goral win... again!

Askia Bayne - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The first fight was very entertaining... would love to see a rematch

Bartek Gdula - Gdask, Poland

It should be a good fight for both boxers and their fans. keep prayin' for rematch ;)

Shar'ron Baker - Philadelphia, USA

Steve absolutely deserves the opportunity to try and regain his title it was a great fight and I like many people would love to these two champs do it again

Chris Brown, Houston, TX, USA

I scored it narrowly for Adamek but wouldn't have been too bothered by a draw or a narrow decision either way. It was a VERY close contest. Sometimes it takes more than once to "settle matters" between certain fighters. Ali/Frazier...Berrera/Morales...Vazquez/Marquez. Adamek/Cunningham appears to have the makings of that type of matchup.

More importantly, it was an extremely ENTERTAINING fight. It was the type of match that boxing in general, and the division in particular, desperately needs more of.

Best of luck with your effort to bring about a rematch. I'd certainly watch it!!!

Rob Epstein - New York, NY USA

Not only should the fans get a rematch this bout should be considered for fight of the year.

Diane Bennett - New York, NY USA

comment: FIght of the year and without a doubt these two should go at it again. If the second is like the first we may be talking trilogy..Diane

Paige Epstein - New York, NY USA

comment: Best fight of 2008 don't deprive the fans, the media and these two warriors of a rematch. Let them Rock the Rock again.

Jacek - Warsow, Poland

Great Idea

David Lazarin - Los Angeles, CA USA

This rematch needs to happen asap

Dan Rossano - Philadelphia, PA, USA

Phenominal fight!

Carlos Guzman - Bronx, NY - USA

Great fight. Let's see it again.

Arben Paloka - New York, NY USA

The fans deserve a rematch.

Gerald Chan - Vancouver, Canada

Give Cunningham a rematch, boxing needs more good matches like the first fight. It was a close match and there should be a rematch!

Atticus Cunningham - Laguna Beach CA U.S.A.

I was one the few Americans who actually saw you win your title last year at the Spodek. I hope to see you win it back soon my man.

Griffin Testa - Norfolk, Va USA

Champ, thanks for that memorable fight!!! BM1(SW/AW) Testa

Vincent Baira - Reims, France

Great first fight! Great spirit! This sport ain't dying and this particular fight is another proof.

Rematch is a must!!

Matt Rogers - Leeds,England.

Great fight!

Samuel R. Townsel III - Virginia Beach, VA U.S.A.

Being a United States Marine and a participant and fan of boxing, I've always wondered how those of us within the military service would do at the top levels of boxing. This was my first chance to witness Steve Cunningham display his skills and though he had some setbacks, though discipline and grit, he fought back and performed admirably. I'd like to see a rematch because not only was the controversial decision, the fight itself displayed the beauty of the "Sweet Science". The heart and determination of both men led to a exciting and competitive bout. Hopefully we get to see it again but I believe the "USS" Cunningham will sail his way to victory. Ooh Rah!!

Charles McFarland - Clarkston, GA USA

Two magnificent guys who bring it every minute of every round. I could watch 'em box twenty times. We deserve the fight as much as they do. Hope they're paid hansomely too.

Symbol Jones - Baltimore, MD

This rematch needs to be aired on Showtime or HBO. This was a great fight between two great warriors.

Vernon Villanueva - Wilmington, CA

Love the first fight. Would like to see a second one with Cunningham the victor!

Christian Agmi - Malden, MA - USA

We need the best fighting the best, even if it means twice!

Alwyn Cosgrove - Stevenson Ranch, CA, USA

GREAT FIGHT! We NEED to see a rematch!

Mike Altamura - Victoria, Australia

Bring these two back! Outstanding fight that was a credit to the sport. Both are great gentlemen, both deserving of a bigger payday for a return bout.

Kevin Finger - Va Beach, VA

After being at Steve's last fight on US soil prior to this one but having exams during Cunningham - Adamek I, I want to be there to see him win the title back!

Bakari Lee - Jersey City (USA)

I was there, front and center, second row from the floor, rooting hard for the American!!! Awesome, awesome fight, second only to Vazquez-Marquez III for FOY.

This fight has GOT to happen again, and we want it IN NEWARK, NJ!!!!!

Timmy Patrick - USA

It was the best fight that I ever saw in my life

Connor Mulvaney - Philadelphia, USA

The first fight was an amazing display of heart and skill by both fighters. It would be a crime to deny the public of a rematch- lets make it happen!

Y Nathirah Beshier - Newark, New Jersey

I would like to see them fight again at the same place, in Newark, New Jersey

Gerardo Lopez - Sacramento, CA

The cruiserweight division is one hell of a lot better than the Heavyweights, WAR Cunningham/Adamek!!!

Seyun Kim - Sacramento, CA

great exciting fight, two classy fighters, lets do it again!!

Alexander Sylvan - New York, USA

Possible Fight of the Year, certainly close enough and more than entertaining enough to warrant a rematch possibly on Showtime or HBO

Christopher Joynt - Philadelphia, USA

Get 'em Steve!!! Shuler's baby, all day!

josh witt - dana point / usa (california)

Hell of a fight / would love to see a rematch. Thanks to both fighters for a great show.

Briscoe Greenwell - Johns Creek, Ga, USA

I'd pay ppv money for a rematch

Mauro Hermida - Frederick, MD

Bring on the rematch.

Pierre Cox - New York, NY USA

It would be a shame if for some reason there isn't a rematch of this fight. With stinkers such as Dawson - Tarver II being finalized, there is no reason this shouldn't get done. I would love to see HBO or Showtime pick this one up.

Angel Colon - Orlando, Florida

Best Fight of the Year! There has to be a rematch!

Matthew Paras - Chicago, IL, USA

Who wouldn't want to see this again? Amazing, amazing fight. Put it in chicago instead of new jersey though!

Ken Beider - Tucson, AZ

Here's hoping!

Alan Natkiel - NYC, USA

Fights like these, not Mayweather's business transactions, are what create diehard fans.

Mike Rosier - Edgefield, SC

We HAVE to see a rematch!!!

Joe Abbatantuono - Yonkers, NY

Excellent fight! This is what makes our sport great!

Yobany Chacon - East LA, CA

Can be the fight of the year for 2009! SO why not have this fight? Its a no-brainer.

Antoine Goodie - Eureka, Ca

Awesome fight Steve and Tomaz; cant wait for the rematch!! We need more good guys like you in boxing.

Ronald Mobbs - Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

epic battle. cunningham is clearly deserving of a rematch. might end up a great trilogy!!!

Danny Sandoval - Gardena USA

Great fight...some fights don't need petition for a rematch...just have a major station replay the first fight and the masses will follow!

Ben Mcculloch - Sydney, Australia

Go Cunningham! Heart balls and an great attitude make you a fan favourite and why we want to see the rematch.

WILSON SAMOT - Kissimmee, Florida USA

Great fight, lets give boxing what it actually needs: a great match between 2 hungry competitors, not 2 over paid boxers fighting meaningless fights just to fill their pockets.

Adrian V.Walker - Atlanta GA USA

Rematch is needed!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake Ramirez - Las Vegas Nevada

Would love to see this again

Owen Dudney - London United Kingdom

Unfinished business.............FACT!

Patrick Webster - Rhyl United Kingdom

Adamek is the best and this time will knock steve out but respect to them both! come on rematch!

Grzegorz Kouodziej - Katowice Poland

Cunnigham WIN FIRST MATCH !!! STEVE you are the BEST !!!

Roger Gray - Guelph Canada

There is no way Cunningham lost that fight -he won almost every round ,and the rounds he was knocked down in he was winning ,so they should have been scored as even rounds Another example of ridiculous judging .....

Phil Rem - Somerset NJ

I was at the fight and they did boxing proud. Let's see it again!!

David DeLeon - Dallas, Tx United States

Boxing needs more fighters and fights like this. Make it happen! The first was a classic.

Christopher Marrero - Philadelphia, PA, USA

It was a great fight, ppv worthy.

Omar Alvarez - Los Angeles, USA

A candidate for fight of the year and i can't wait for the rematch. Please make this happen. Fight should take place in New Jersey again.

Luis M. Torres - El Paso, Tx, USA

gotta do it again!

Daxx Kahn - New York, USA

This is a fight that must be made, 2 of the best big men in boxing, the HW division is dead and fans have lost hope in the upper tier of fighters over 168lbs, We have a bout worthy of fight of the year status in the cruiserweight division, the first since Holyfield Vs Qawi in the 1980's and possibly the first worthy trilogy since Holyfield Vs Bowe.

It would be a crime to not make this happen, Once even twice may not be enough. Sign the contract!!

Ray Simmons - Columbus Ohio ,.. U.S.

this fight was more entertaining than many I've bought on PPV,.. can't wait to see a rematch

John Bracken - Baltimore,USA

uss was the champ,he should have keep the title

John Ashwin - Chicago, IL USA

Adamek and Cunningham are the 2 best fighters of the division and even though I though Cunningham took a close decision, the knockdowns by Adamek took a few points away from Steve. Nonetheless, it was a close fight that could've gone either way. I like Adamek, but I gotta go for the American Cunningham. I think he will be better prepared and will correct his mistakes in the rematch. I wanna see Steve unify the division. The only thing he doesn't have is one-punch KO power, otherwise he's the complete package.

Jayson Sia - Philadelphia,PA, USA

Watching the Cunningham and Adamek fight was remarkably a close one.Close to being a draw in my opinion.Each threw thousands of punches one after another.And at the end,i was very shocked towards the split decision and as well with the bunch of other people i was watching back at home with.I would love to see a rematch!

Cruz Cordero - Philadelphia, USA

It was a great fight that even the one who lost (debatable)gained more fans. Steve Cunningham simply needs to keep his hands up, stay off the ropes and box and he will reclaim his belt. The rematch needs to take place FAST!

Arsen Karagoz - Toronto, Canada

Great fight...Deserves to be on HBO or Showtime for the rematch.

Jason Alvarez - Brooklyn NY USA

Great fight i commend both fighters & Steve deserves a rematch thanx for the memory guys

Manny " Bumper " Howard - Philadelphia, USA

It was a tremendous war of two titans!!! A rematch is inevitable. We the people want to be overjoyed with another wonderful boxing match. God Bless everyone and happy new year!!

Michele Kern - Franklinville, USA

Great fight! It would only be greater to watch another fight between these fantastic champions!

Antonio M. Bangalisan - Malabon City, Philippines

I like to see a REMATCH.

Timothy S. Donaldson - Elmer, NJ, USA

Whether you thought Cunningham won or Adamek won, as a boxing fan, you would be crazy not to want to see a rematch. The fans deserve a rematch.

George Jimenez - Ridgefield Park, NJ USA

Great fight, I went to see it live and enjoyed myself. Let's see this again.

Victoria Villa - Ridgefield Park, NJ USA

Great fight!

John DiSanto - Mantua, NJ, USA

It was a great fight and there isn't a more natural rematch out there.

Gee E. Cullmer - Philadelphia ,PA, U.S.A.


Michael N - Dallas,Texas, USA

Cunningham WIN

Mikoaj Szymaski - Toru, Poland

Why not? ;)

Eric Shannon - Williamstown, NJ USA

This has to be one of the most exciting boxing matches in a long time. These two guys put on a show that fans want to see again. This has to be done..sign the contract!

Robbie Smyth - Dublin, Ireland

what a fight! lets do it again

Orlando Quiros - Philadelphia, PA, USA

Steve deserves a rematch with Adamek. It was such a great fight

James Kinney - Woodbridge, NJ USA

This was a great & exciting fight and should be repeated.

Tom Horner - Chattanooga, TN U.S.A.

The fight between Adamek and Cunningham was at the highest level of boxing. It has suspense, brutality and beauty. I was so excited that it was on free cable television. This is a big "hooray" for the Versus channel. Let's do it again.

Michael Nagloski - Kalisz Poland


Vasili Volkoff - Virginia, United States

This would be a good rematch. Cunningham did not get knocked out and showed a lot of heart. Adamek showed he wanted the championship, now he's the World champion. Let's do it again!

Jeff Rogers - Taunton, Ma. USA

This fight and the new season of "The Contender" are just what the Cruiserweight division needed. What a great couple of warriors.

Stefan Kalloo - Queens, NY, USA

Great Fight. Put it in the same arena for March.

Goobeef - Sydney Australia

Good fight

Mike Corona - Hartford, CT USA

The first fight was way too close to let judges decide. There needs to be a rematch to decide the real king of the cruiserweight division. Besides, there are no bigger fights out there for either fighter.

Daniel Zavala - Buena Park, Ca. USA

Let's keep the Cruisers picking up steam, and what a fight to make the big men look good.

Mphumzi Sizani - Cape town SA

Please let these two warriors go at it again

Shaun Brown - Kelso, Scotland

Cunningham and the fans deserve a rematch. For once can the money men not think of their pockets and think of the fans. Or does Christmas really only come once a year?

Gabriel Veras jr - Philadelphia PA USA

I felt it should have been a draw at the least. uss came back strong and went the 12th, not going back but foward. its good 4 television, good 4 boxing! so come on lets get it moving. steve is ranked #2 ademek at the 1spot, their 1st encounter was a great 1. who else is deserving 4 a crack at ademek? ...ademek beat bell/mormeck is in another realm no where 2 b found. enzo lost 2 haye.... my point exactly, no 1 but the #2 ranked man. Steve USS Cunningham should be next!

Damien Hair - Houston, TX USA

A rematch is a good move, but a better move would be for Adamek to fight Macarenelli and Cunningingham to fight Jean Mark-Mormeck on the same fight card. If either wins or lose, it would stage a great rematch fight which provides more exposure for every fighter and weight class.

Christopher Michalski - Glenside Pa. USA

Easily the best fight Versus has ever shown sofar.No reason for them to not have another if HBO or Showtime doesn't snap it up 1st.Good Job,both fighters,very close all the way,great drama down the stretch.No one would have been upset paying for this one on PPV.I would actually like a trilogy like Ward-Gatti,with one in Poland and a rubber match in Philly.Let's do it again!

Joe Caulfield - Minnesota, USA

Cunningham next undisputed (RING mag) champ

Veronda Majett - Philadelphia, PA USA

I completely agree with all and say this was the fight of the year 2008. Rematch is definitely needed.

Fred Druding, Jr. - Philadelphia, PA, USA

Great fight and that is exactly what boxing needs now more than ever - they have to do it again !

Glenn Gabrielle - Williamstown, NJ USA

We want a rematch

Philly Keith - Philadelphia, PA, USA

Attention Mark Taffet, HBO's 'Senior Vice President of Sports Operation and Pay-Per-View. You are a Philly guy, University of Penn Graduate etc. Stop loading your networks multi-million dollar producing pay-per-views with crap under cards and give us competitive fights for our $50! Cunningham vs Adamek II would be a great co-feature. Make it happen!

Bill Butler - Norwalk, CT. USA

Adamek...please do not fight anyone else until you have given USS Cunningham a shot at redemption

Dorothea Iannacone - Woolwich Township, NJ, USA

Great fight! I would love to see a rematch.

Marcin Kier - Toronto, Canada

We need a rematch, its very obvious why. Adamek will take this again.

Joel Mackett - Sydney, Australia

What a fight, Goral you are an animal, Steve you have the heart of a lion...LETS SEE IT AGAIN

Mitch Piper - Sydney, NSW Australia

One of Best Cruiserweight fights there will ever be simple

Brent Detrich, Midland, MI, USA

First time I've ever watched a full match. Now I'm hooked on the sport, and would love to see a rematch. Amazing fight!

Greg W - South Windsor, CT, USA

Phenomenal fight. I will ATTEND the rematch

Adrian Borchok - Sydney, NSW, Australia

3 words on a rematch: BRING IT ON!

Leszek Jastrzbski - Uków, Poland

Go Go Adamek,

Michael Montero - St Louis, USA

This rematch MUST happen and it needs to be hyped properly by the boxing and mainstream media!



Pawel Kruczek - Wroclaw, Poland

it was a great fight . it must be a rematch

Harley Burke - Bronx, New York, USA

Make the fight happen.

Peter Czymbor - Brockton, MA USA

I just watched the fight rerun on Versus and I scored it 114-113 for Cunningham...though there were a few rounds that could have gone either way.

Since it was so close and full of action, I'd hope a TV network would cough up the dough and make it happen again.

John P. Merkel - Cranford, NJ, USA

I was there the first time, I'm dying for the chance to see another.





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