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Cunningham-Adamek: Did Public Really Appreciate This Fight?

The article below was not written for wewantarematch.com. I missed it when it was published as it was the day fater WWAR went live. but I found it recently via google - I have also added the comments made by readers.


Eastsideboxing.com - 19th December 2008

By Jason Peck:

To see article on Eastsideboxing click here


We hear a lot of complaining about the sport nowadays. There's no great match-ups, and no great fights like they used to have them back in the days of [insert bygone era here]. Recently we watched such a great fight. But it to seems to have been forgotten in record time.

Steve Cunnignham and Tomasz Adamek proved the Golden Boy theory of promotions wrong: You don't need good looks, mainstream appeal or an HBO series to stage an amazing brawl. But a week later I'm baffled by the lukewarm reception this inspired scrap has received from the boxing public. You would think the haters would quit it about a "dying" sport after such a scuffle. Why haven't they?

Maybe I'm wrong here. Maybe Cunningham-Adamek was so damned good that no discussion is needed. On the other hand, this is probably a depressing commentary on how susceptible people are to hype and name recognition over talent and meaning.

Had the De La Hoya-Pacquiao farce five days earlier been nearly as competitive as Cunningham-Adamek, we'd have people swearing off MMA and declaring that Oscar had "saved" boxing, as he usually pledges to do. That's because by the time the bell rings people have been systematically conditioned to attach all this meaning to a fight that doesn't deserve it for no other reason than the fact that a popular fighter is involved. Those fighters who are UN-popular can go to hell.

I've seen this principle in action. Last year I watched De La Hoya-Mayweather in a sports bar surrounded by people who I could safely say knew nothing about boxing outside of the Ali and Tyson fights they never watched in the first place. Consequently, the paid attention only when the main attraction actually began.

Of course, that meant that everyone missed out on the excellent undercard between super bantamweights Ray Bautista and Sergio Medina. Nobody &endash; even those few who actually enjoyed Oscar and Floyd's sparring session &endash; can deny that Bautista and Medina put on a fight that was far more spirited, far more competitive, and far more action-packed than the main event. But who the hell cares about Bautista and Medina? They had no HBO special.

And so no one paid attention to what was actually the best fight of the evening. I suppose that among lesser-known fighters a fantastic performance doesn't count, because not being a household name is usually grounds for the fighter in question to be dismissed as a "garbage" fighter.

As a matter of fact, why aren't people talking about the fact that Versus &endash; a piddling, forgettable cable station &endash; successfully staged a far better fight card than HBO did the week previously? And for free, too. Not only was Cunningham-Adamek a sight to behold, the undercard bout between Joseph Agbeko and William Gonzalez was likewise tremendously entertaining. Hopefully they'll schedule a rematch.

Why aren't people hungering for more of these fights? Why didn't any of the players involved get the career boosts that such battles are supposed to bring? I really want to know what's going to happen to either Cunningham or Adamek next. Do you? And why aren't people wondering what would have happened to David Haye had he fought either one of them before moving up to heavyweight? There's little doubt that the end result of either fight would have been far more challenging than the Maccarinelli fight &endash; and far more satisfying.

Unlike most super-fights, Cunningham and Adamek's very meaningful bout had lasting impacts and cruiserweight supremacy on the line. What does this mean for the future of the division, which currently has most of its belts ready for the taking? What kind of match-ups can be made now? Are they also going to be on Versus? Better that than HBO, I suppose.

I know the real boxing fans are out there, who actually follow the sport and hunger for flavor of old-school, no-bullshit bouts that Cunningham-Adamek brought to a starving audience. All you have to do is ask.


comments on: Cunningham-Adamek: Did Public Really Appreciate This Fight?


philmore slims

Flores better be overprepared for this polish menace. his jaw is a cinderblock and his hands are even tougher.

22.12.08 @ 23:33:35



Someone called Rematch pretends to be an intellectual but, unfortunately, he isn't very convicing. In fact he is just another circumcised old fart.

21.12.08 @ 02:12:31


BigMikeTampa - email

EXCELLENT fight! Cunningham showed tons of heart though probably wrong gameplan...

21.12.08 @ 00:59:01



I agree, and now solo boxeo is cancelled, the reason (valid reason) the media stopped is because of all the curruption in the sport just like horse racing. Solo boxeo always had better fights, How can we get it back on the air?

20.12.08 @ 20:17:57



btw, vs loves to do the repeating replays of the knockdowns. sure was fun. but the adamek was a slowfoot chaser & uss was running away most of the time. it was like a turtle & a rabbit. but the rabbit can't take punches from the turtle. lmao.

20.12.08 @ 19:48:55



even 2 well matched c-class fighters would have provided the same fun. just don't let any of this 2 match a higher class fighter. lol.

20.12.08 @ 19:32:53



i watched the fight with my girl roommate on versus and we were shouting with excitement!!! full of action!!!

20.12.08 @ 19:12:17


CLBinTX - email

I think the fight went unappreciated for 3 immediate reasons: 1. The day of the week. I just don't think that many people saw it live. Only the hardcore faithful watch taped/TiVo'd events where the winner is already known. 2. The network. VS is not widely known or regarded. It's a commercial network. I was DESPERATE to hear what the corners were telling their fights & we got NONE of that. 3. The division. It's not covered/followed to anywhere near the degree that "glamour" divisions are. Put that all together and we get what you've observed. It was a great fight & I 'd love to see these guys do it again. Unfortunately, in many ways this fight was just another example of, "pearls before swine."

20.12.08 @ 10:09:09



this was a great fight, anyone in our close boxing family watched it, and new they had an instant classic. The problem is a lot of people do not know about "versus," the boxing and MMA are both great.

20.12.08 @ 05:42:53



Rematch !! Rematch !!! jestes sam frajerem...you are looser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20.12.08 @ 05:37:14



great fight watches it on youtube today.

20.12.08 @ 05:27:20


JC40 - email

Great article , great fight and great post " Bruiser". This fight was what boxing is all about . Two well matched , well conditioned athletes leaving nothing on the shelf . A rematch is a must !

20.12.08 @ 04:46:39



A rematch would be nice. I still think Cunningham could had pulled this out but he kept wanting to trade. I think he won ever round he was not knocked down in. And one round he was winning handily till he got knocked down so that should had really been a 9-9 round. But I would definitely like to see a rematch.

20.12.08 @ 03:07:49


Fight Aficionado

Yeah let's see the rematch since the first fight was fireworks for the cruiser division. Versus or BAD would suffice. This time promote it better, which should be easy to do given the first fight. Also, even though Cunningham lost IMO his stock rose because he went out swinging and nobody knew him since he was buried in Europe before. Now US audiences will recognize what a quality boxer he is.

20.12.08 @ 02:28:52



Pavlik-Miranda happened soon after Oscar-Floyd's white collar sparring session, and during the Pavlik-Miranda match you could hear Larry Merchant saying something to the effect of "If only this fight had happened a few weeks ago when millions were watching". In 2008, we suffer another Oscar fight taking the spotlight off of what I consider among the top three fights of the year, Cunningham-Adamek. What I like about the cruiserweight division is that all the best boxers fight each other. Perhaps this is because the cruiserweight division has been very poorly promoted, at least stateside, and virtually ignored altogether unless a cruiser is making his heavyweight debut. The author said something important about MMA...while the media tends to view boxing's cruiserweight division as "a place for fat light heavyweights", in MMA they really push their 205 pound division heavily because they know fighters at that weight are very exciting and crowd pleasing. And unlike most overeating heavweights today who throw two punches and are gasping for air, 200 or 205 pounders are able to go full steam for the length of the fight. Boxing has yet to pick up on that, while MMA has. Both Cunningham and Adamek were in great cardio and physical condition (each in their own way) and were fighting until the final bell. That Cunningham was still very much in the fight despite three knockdowns was amazing. People often confuse knockout power with boxing ability, but much like how Vasquez-Marquez complimented each other perfectly, Cunningham's boxing matched up perfectly with Adamek's. The occasions when that happens shows why boxing can be so breathtaking. While HBO is showing Dawson-Tarver II and Taylor-Wright II, head over to youtube and find the Cunningham-Adamek fight to remember what real boxing matchups...no, what real boxing superfights or 'the dream match'...should be all about.

20.12.08 @ 02:03:30


Lman - email

i sure appreciated the match, it was great, i would also appreciate a rematch

20.12.08 @ 01:46:46


t-bone - email

Rematch would be great

20.12.08 @ 00:57:11


t-bone - email

Best fight in at cruiserweight in a while.

20.12.08 @ 00:56:24


Fight Aficionado

Yeah this bout didn't get the props it deserved and in fact I was shocked that there was only one story here at ESB in the leadup to it. The lack of post fight chatter is because neither guy is a star. But hopefully that fight made it possible that their stars will rise down the line.

20.12.08 @ 00:55:10


william - email

This was a great fight. I would rate it as the fight of the year, considering the non stop action, knockdowns, and no holding through out the fight whatsoever. If you missed it, check it out on YOUTUBE.COM and type adamek cunnigham. Hope to see both fighters on HBO or SHOWTIME soon.

20.12.08 @ 00:54:55




20.12.08 @ 00:03:27


Boxing Geek - email

'Cruiserweight supremacy on the line'? Does that mean, Jason, that you agree with The Ring in the belief that these were the two best cruiserweights in the world and the winner is the legitimate champion of the division? Do you, in this instance, recognize the Ring champion? Now that I have the required minimum archenemy duties out of the way, I will note that /I/ did not ignore this fight. It /and/ the undercard are covered on my blog and the HBO and Showtime fights of the following Saturday are not. This was certainly the fight of the week and it is my fight of the year.

19.12.08 @ 23:47:26



prettyboyybennett - I agree with u.. it's stupid that people focus on floyd oscar tec intsead of talking about the really best fight of the year. We complain abt television but televsion organizes fights we want to watch. Lets all wake up and recognize TODAY'S (not 1990s) true herooes Adamek and USS Cunn!

19.12.08 @ 23:27:10



Guiellrmo, kind of want to see that, that could be good. Adamek has plenty to choose from at CW. There is Arslan, there is still Mormeck, just to see if he can finish him off earlier than Hype. Valery Brudov can be a good one. Problem is, unless you are E. European or European, you are not going to be interested in two E. Euros fighting each other, unfortunate, but true.

19.12.08 @ 23:01:01



BigFaces - the obvious fight for Adamek is Dawson, instead of him fighting Tarver again, whom he clearly beat. The other fighters that are of interest are Tokarev and Alekseev, get a little Polish/Russian rivalrly going. Macaroni, no don't want to see that, way overrated and no chin. Huck, possibly, but Cunnigham beat him, so what's that going to prove? Adamek is not short of opponents, he shouldn't rematch Cunningham, the fight was good but there is no dispute as to who won. They could have a rematch down the line when Cunnigham gets a couple of wins against top opponents and maybe a different belt but at this time let's see Adamek with a different fighter.

19.12.08 @ 22:57:28


prettyboyybennett - email


19.12.08 @ 22:50:42


BigFaces - email

KlitschkosATGs- Knockout percentage can be deceiving. I was in the 12th row watching the fight and trust me Cunningham can hit with power. Adamek couldn't out box Cunningham so he made it a dog fight... and Cunningham in a few spots got careless and caught. The 4th rd Adamek was damn near out on his feet and in the last seconds of the round he lands a big shot to floor Cunningham. He was clearly getting his ass handed to him. Adamek has stated he wants a rematch if the large networks pick up the fight. In the rematch Cunningham has a big chance to outbox Adamek but must keep his hands up because Adamek has good power. Since Adamek has no plans of moving down who else should he fight... Enzo Maccarinelli? Guillermo Jones?

19.12.08 @ 22:36:05



Rematch/Rock24 you are getting more and more desperate by the day.

19.12.08 @ 22:35:58



this deserved to be on hbo, but where was the boxing media on this, for 6 mths ive been waiting for this fight and NOONE wrote about it, sad.

19.12.08 @ 22:19:45



I agree with this article in that the Golden Boy attitude towards making great fights is way off and shameful. The Adamek/Cunningham fight was one of the better fights I've seen in a long time. Two way action, multiple knockdowns, and a high punch volume. I'm the type of fan who is usually disappointed by distance fights but when a fight such as this goes the distance, it's just as entertaining as even the best knockouts. Boxing seems to have fewer and fewer aggressive fighters or guys willing to put it all on the line. As such I see this fight as one of the rare gems in more recent times.

19.12.08 @ 22:11:22



I hate it when people say Mayweather of Calzaghe just fight for the money. Why else would they do it?

19.12.08 @ 22:08:08


m - email

Good article. It explains exactly my point of view. I no longer support or bother to watch fights with big names when you can tell it is a farce to begin with, Like calzaghe-jones fight. I'd rather watch Adamek or Kessler. As for Chad Dawson, Adamek will whip him in a rematch. Adamek just needs to work on finishing these bums off when he knocks them down. Dawson cheated to victory with Glen Johnson, then beat the lazy Tarver and now they set a rematch. Dawson, why dont you fight Adamek or Johnson again, you punk!!!!

19.12.08 @ 22:01:05



good article.. ive always said USS deserves recognition, hes a terrific fighter n a true old school fighter aswell. went to germany to KO huck in his hometown. here against adamek he fought like a true champion even in defeat. adamek is ofcourse a warrior too

19.12.08 @ 21:37:58



Versus has an excellent opportunity to do what HBO has failed to do - use a 24/7 style series to explain why we should pay attention to the Cunninghams and Adameks of the boxing world. 24/7 is very effective at drawing an audience in to a fight. Versus could use the format, not to hype big-name, pointless fights, but to shed light on the admittedly obscure world of boxing. The casual sport bar fan wouldn't know why the upcoming Margarito-Mosley fight is so compelling, but a 24/7 style show could quickly change that. Furthermore, what is MMA doing that boxing isn't in terms of promoting fights? Have they been better able to explaint to fans what the truly important fights are? I don't pay attention to MMA, so I wouldn't know. Maybe some letters to Versus to thank them for the fight and explain to them the great role they could play in the sport are in order.

19.12.08 @ 21:28:07



BigFaces - Cunnigham is 21-2 (11), 47% KO, that doesn't say that he has great power to me. He has serious skills, no doubt about it, but he doesn't have power. It was still a great fight, but a rematch would only solidify the 1st fight. 3KDs and Adamek looked pretty fresh afterwards, so he wasn't that hurt. I would rather see Adamek go against a different opponent, revenge his loss preferably. Another fight I am really looking forward to that I hope will be televised is the Paul Williams v. Sergei Dzhinzurik. I go with Sergei on that one. Ukranians are cleaning up the lower weights as well.

19.12.08 @ 21:24:37


BigFaces - email

KlitschkosATGs- Cunningham has plenty power trust me I saw it live! Adamek has a beard you don't find in boxing often!

19.12.08 @ 20:51:40



hiker, what are you talking about 24/7 is great. Check out HBO's RingLife - like a mini 24/7. I watched the Arreola and Dimitri Salita last night, I was not really a fan of either until watching those last night. Don't think Arreola can beat the Klitschkos but the guy is really talented; he just doesn't train as hard as he should. Salita is also under-appreciated. Both very likable guys.

19.12.08 @ 20:48:53


Scorpio - email

This was one of the best, most exciting fights I saw all year, and it was FREE!! While watching was thinking what I had just paid to see the De La Hoya/Pacquiao card--even the undercards sucked on that. Thank you Adamek and Cunningham and Versus.

19.12.08 @ 20:43:48


KlitschkosATGs (Don\\\\\\\'t believe the Hype!)

I didn't see the fight at first but checked out clips of it on yt. Looked like great a fight. Besides, I did see the Briggs/Adamek fight and that was an awesome fight, both guys put everything on the line for that one. Adamek should rematch Dawson for sure. I don't think Cunnigham can beat him in a rematch, not enough power. As far Hype - the guy was not "undisputed" like he claims or like his fan boys claim - he didn't have the IBF and IBO belts. How can you be undisputed when you have other champions running around in your weight class? You can't, simple as that. I believe that Adamek, Tokarev, Arslan, even Hill would beat Hype at CW. The guy had unfinnished business at CW and now he will get smoked early at HW and will have no where to go. Who did he beat? Mormeck (who almost knocked him out) and Macaroni?

19.12.08 @ 20:42:01



I have said it before.Today it is all about hype.People don't buy boxing,they buy the big event.HBO with their 24/7 is part of the problem.Sure it sells that big event but if you are there the seats are empty for the preliminaries.They are not selling boxing they are hyping the event.They have to go back to creating the grass roots interest and show the big fights on free TV.Every other sport has their championships on free TV.Boxing needs to get with it or the game will die.

19.12.08 @ 20:27:01


BigFaces - email

stuck in a moment- Whats up bro?! Yeah nobody knows Cunningham in the US because his biggest fights prior to this one took place overseas with no American TV coverage. I went to the fight I went because my cousin wanted to see prospect Devon Alexander and I was very please to have saw Cunningham after reading many good things about him. He's going to be a great fighter when he tightens up that defense.

19.12.08 @ 20:20:48


josh - email

david haye would have murdered them in the ring.

19.12.08 @ 20:16:44


BigFaces - email

Erased- I was at the fight as well and I think this fight was a candidate for fight of the year. The atmosphere was amazing... all the Polish fans cheering on their guy.

19.12.08 @ 20:14:03



edit: saves

19.12.08 @ 19:32:25



"Why aren't people hungering for more of these fights?" We are dude, if any fight saveds Boxing it would have to be of that caliber. De La Hoya/Pacquiao only proved that a former Flyweight can beat a former Middleweight champ. If only Boxing hadnt devolved into people only fighting for money and not fighting to be the best any more.

19.12.08 @ 19:31:57



My God boxing knowledge!I bet you have semi naked pictures of Floyd all over your bedroom wall AND ceiling!Don't tell me-He's on your mind when you wake,all through the day and last thing at night.Talk about being up his arse!I think you are in love!Hahahaha!

19.12.08 @ 19:09:47



I saw this fight live, and to be honest; while I found it interesting and a good pass of my time, I didn't feel that it's a fight of the year candidate by any means. That's just my opinion...

19.12.08 @ 18:16:05



I totally agree with the author. Boxing is dying because of old fighters who fight for money, who are out of form etc. Calzage is the fighter who fights burnt-out old fighters in order to earn money. What a challenge for Calzage is Jones NOW? Boxing is dying out because of old fighters who dont want to say 'stop and retire'. Adamek-Cunn was a great fight, like twice Adamek-Briggs, but still few people saw it because it is sad to say but televisions rule boxing, We are in 21st CENTURY now so lets forget about fighters who made great successes in 1990s in order to save boxing from dying...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19.12.08 @ 16:38:20



Great fight, period.

19.12.08 @ 14:16:18



Rematch! Why do you want Adamek's (a must?) rematch if you among those guys, including the judge, who have seen the victory of his opponent! Let Adamek bring another belt to the table first! Patience, patience!

19.12.08 @ 11:41:50



HBO found the secret with 24/7. It builds suspense & drama leading up to the fight. Females are hooked once they feel they know the boxers more personally.That's how that audience gets drawn in. Sex sells. Cunningham is a male model ripped to the bone. He's an American veteran. Fitness fans and soldiers can get behind him. Bigger audience. I know Versus is new to the scene, but they need to capture the imagination of folks other than boxing fans. David Beckham isn't even close to being the best soccer player in the world, nor is Oscar remotely close to being the best boxer. But Beckham is in tabloids year roundk and Oscar promotes the crap out of himself. A massive audience requires a hype machine. Agents need to put it into another gear.

19.12.08 @ 11:39:16



Great fight. I thought Adamek won a close decision due to the knockdowns. If Cunningham was a bigger puncher it would have made for a more interesting fight. Cunningham hit Adamek with some big right hands but there wasn't much behind the punches. Adamek has really shown me something in his last 4-5 fights. He's beaten some good fighters.

19.12.08 @ 11:36:08



i agree wholeheartedly dnr...good post

19.12.08 @ 11:17:06



Fantastic fight on Versus. These guys let it all hang out in this fight. While Adamek had the upper hand with power punches, Cunningham would not let him off the hook. Great action. Unfortunately, these fights are not appreciated because they're relegated to cable channels (which really isn't bad at all). The issue is that there isn't a cohesive marketing machine that gets their names out to the general public.

19.12.08 @ 11:08:42


DNR (formerly fight fan)

rematch - to start with, i am not polish, yank, brit or whatever you are going to say, but i do like adamek. his recent fights are - p briggs (LH title), Ulrich (28-1 going in), p briggs again, dawson, realised he was too weight drained for LH, went to cruiser, had 2 fights to get used to the new weight, then fought oneill bell (who most thought he would lose to), another keep busy fight, then USS for the IBF cruiser title. now, just slap yourself once or twice, actually maybe three times and think about it - does this record look like adamek would be avoiding anyone? just to wrap it up for your small brain to take it in. two absolute wars (if you havent seen the fights, check them out, they are well worth it) against paul briggs, dawson, oneill bell, and now USS - in his last 9 fights, does this look like someone who avoids ANYONE? if your answer is yes, then maybe slap yourself a couple more times, you are obviously stupid and/or have something against adamek or polish people.

19.12.08 @ 10:36:16



box I just exposed another polish idiot..congrats buddy. you got a blockhead too? The polish people are can't handle objective opinions about their sub par boxers. pffft....looser!

19.12.08 @ 10:21:19



Rematch --- You sound like an idiot

19.12.08 @ 09:46:30



Come to the end of the year and get two great fights, this and Froch vs Pascal.

19.12.08 @ 09:23:38


nick - email

With MMA, many people find boxing boring, though I am not one of those. Also, because of perponderence of PPV, and the showing of other big fights only on HBO or Showtime, when people can watch football games on tv without PPV, people are just not interested. Yes the VERSUS show was very good, but if people don't know who Adamek or Cunningham are, they will not watch. I asked a woman recently if she know who is considered the best heavy weight in the world now. She did not know, nor did she know who the Klitschko's are. She had heard of Lenox Lewis, Andrew Golata, Evander Hollyfield. Didn't Floyd Mayweather accually go on dancing with the stars because he was most unrecognizable to most sports fans? Also the public is ignorant, and sometimes pretty stupid. Remember when Tyson fought Pete McNeely. Hardly anyone saw the world lightweight fight before, or the Middle weight title fight after. However, they were all jamed together, their was Don Johnson with Al Sharpton, sharing a laugh, and then some of these fans complained when the Tyson McNeely fight ended in the first round. The other fights were quite good, better than this so called main event. But these fans were not interested in the real good fights. Right now, MMA has better exposure than boxing. What happened on VERSUS was a good thing, but it will need more exposure for people to get finally interested. As of now, boxing in the US is in real trouble, like it has never been before. It won't be long, when the big fights in the upper divisions are not in the US, but in Europe.

19.12.08 @ 09:23:32



What's the writer getting on about? Every boxing forum on the web is still buzzing about this fight!

19.12.08 @ 09:09:10


terror tim

What would Adamek fight at for Dawson? I mean he can't get back down to 175. Dawson isn't going up to his weight. The rematch is the best thing for both fighters. It will happen, Enzo will try to get the guy who comes out this series.

19.12.08 @ 08:47:54


terror tim

I think this might have been the 2nd or 3rd best fight of the year. Right up there with Vasquez vs Marquez and the other great ones. Do a rematch but why not put it on an under card of a PPV. Start stacking those cards.

19.12.08 @ 08:45:03


stuck in a moment

rematch.....nobody outside this site watched the fight.

19.12.08 @ 08:41:33



Adamek showed more interest in a rematch with Dawson.

19.12.08 @ 08:26:27



"To stuck in the moment" A fight like that will put Cunningham on the map with fans....This is what boxing needs a guy that gives everything he has and leaves it in the ring. GO USS!

19.12.08 @ 08:19:39



Everyone out there wants to see a rematch except the polish/Adamek fans. They rather have their polish hero hold onto the belt then go after fights that entertain the fans. Rematch is a must and going after sub par boxers is unacceptable!

19.12.08 @ 08:17:55


stuck in a moment

nobody knows who cunningham is in america. hes one of our good fighters, but has no name.

19.12.08 @ 08:16:03



It was a great fight. Adamek is a beast. The shots he took would put almost anyone on their ass.

19.12.08 @ 08:14:47



They should have but that's the deal with the cruisers nobody pays much attention to that division. A good , not great , former LHW title holder went up and basically took over the division. That puts it in perspective.

19.12.08 @ 08:07:49



karl sulla , the cruisers are the heavies of the past...they are 185-200lb and in the past not many heavies weighted more than 200...

19.12.08 @ 08:05:57



It was a classic...what a WAR!!!Both fighters gave their all and personally i have the fight 1 point win for Cunningham despite the 3 kd....

19.12.08 @ 08:04:09


Howlin Mad Mike

Didn't have the oppertunity to watch this fight as it wasn't on tv and have never said boxing is dying or any of the other cliches.

19.12.08 @ 08:00:09


karl sulla - email

Fight of the Year - candidate. I like these cruiserweights - much more fun the heavyweights right now.

19.12.08 @ 07:59:09



author - if you know that the "real boxing fans" are out there, how come you're complaining if not whining? who forgot that fight? lmao.

19.12.08 @ 07:47:09





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