would find fights where I would write round after round, "more of the same," "little action," and such and such a fighter "totally dominating." (Lucky for me, this is not too often.) For round one in Cunningham, Adamek, I wrote "Cunningham landing a few more" and "both looking aggressive." In round two, "Cunningham counters quick to Adamek's attack." Round eight, "Cunningham comes out strong" followed by "Adamek comes right back." In a slow fight, I might even look around to get an idea of how the crowd is reacting to the fight. I didn't dare take my eyes off the ring this fight. The only time I took to look at the crowd was between rounds. In fact, I wrote nothing about the crowd in my notes except at the beginning&emdash;before the fight began, and the end&emdash;when the decision was announced. I think my notes show that this was both a close and exciting fight.

Now you might be saying to yourself, sure that was a great fight but why do you think that a rematch will be just as great. I know for sure that Steve "USS" Cunningham will give his all. He has all the incentive he needs for a rematch. He wants back the title of IBF Cruiserweight champion. He has made that clear from the first interview after the fight. But what about Tomasz Adamek? Does he have any motivation for this fight? I believe he does. He was made champion by split decision.

Now I don't want to discredit his win, but a split decision still leaves some question in the minds of boxing fans. So this is a chance for him to prove himself before all the skeptics. And I believe we can give him even more incentive. After the fight, Adamek said that his next fight was not up to him but up to his promoter and television. If you, boxing fans, want this fight, the television executives and the promoters will see that this is a win-win situation for them and Adamek.

Adamek, you said that you love a great fight, so give us another.

Do the fans want to see Cunningham and Adamek meet in the ring again? I believe they do because they certainly were into the first. Now a lot has been made about the Polish fans in attendance, and rightfully so, they were in the majority. But not enough has been said about Cunningham's fans in attendance. They were equally vocal. I described it in my fight coverage as feeling like I was at the Olympics. Chants could be heard from each side. "Polska" followed by "USA." "Adamek" followed by "USS." There seems to be a true rivalry developing here, and there is nothing better than a great rivalry in sports. Even the press seemed to be getting into it. If you watch boxing on television, you might not have ever seen the press. There is a reason for that. We are not that exciting to watch. In a less than exciting fight, you will probably see us carrying on conversations, and in an exciting fight, you might see us typing on our laptops or writing in notebooks. But during the Cunningham, Adamek fight, we were watching intently and jumping up as the action intensified.

I would also like to offer my wife as evidence that this was a fight that caught the attention of the fans. Normally, we fight over control for the television, and when I get control and pick a boxing match to watch, she just rolls her eyes at me. When I arrived home after the fight, she told me all about it. She had not only watched it but also recorded it. Now if this fight caught her attention, I know it caught the attention of many others.

With the right promotion, Cunningham vs. Adamek II could be much bigger. It could possibly be more than a fight. It could be an event. Something that will be remembered years from now as someone somewhere puts together a history of 21st century boxing. And can I make one last suggestion. Wouldn't this be a great last fight for the Spectrum in Philadelphia before they demolish it?

Tim Donaldson's Cunningham vs Adamek fight report on Pound4Pound.com


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